• Optimize your deal screening process.

    Save time and money while increasing your screening quality.

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Effortlessly save time and money.

Easily optimize your deal screening process!

The world’s first tailor-made Software-as-a-Service for early-stage Venture investors. We help reduce costs for company analysis, increase documentation reliability and decrease overall error rate.

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Our main features

Automated Applications

Applications can be easily received and processed with the system.

Customizable questionnaires

All questionnaires are user-defined and can be adjusted for different company classes.

Involve Experts

You can invite experts and include them into the analysis of one or more companies.

Automatic Reports

Revision-proof, automatically produced and documented reports for all analysises.

Document call lists

Automatically produced document call lists for the due dilligence process with a secure data room.

Safe data hosting

To protect the data of our clients and be able to maintain the highest security standard we host our applications with some of the leading hosting providers in Germany.

Venture capital funds

We help VC funds who want to maintain a stable & highly efficient deal screening process to increase screening quality & save costs.

Business Angels

We help Business Angels who want to generate additional high quality deal flow and increase their screening know-how.

Service providers

We help service providers like investors networks or crowd investing platforms who want to reduce efforts for screening applications and provide high quality services to their members.


We help event organizers to enable seamless cooperation between different stakeholders in the screening process by increased efficiency and to generate reports with the push of a button.

Dealscreening Workflow

Companies apply via web input form

We provide a web input form for processing company applications. The form can effortlessly be integrated into your website or be run on a subdomain of dealscreening.com (www.example.dealscreening.com).

First Screening

In accordance with the provided pitch and other available data the analysts decides if the company should be analyzed in detail or dismissed and automatically informed that it is, at this point, not a suitable candidate for investment.

Company answers a dynamic and individualized questionnaire

In order to extract relevant information the analyst composes individual questionnaries sorted by industries and company stage. Further queries proceed iteratively through the system. By virtue of an automatical reminder for missing information, communication costs are reduced.

Evaluation of the questionnaire

The analyst comments on and evaluates the company’s answers. At every point, experts can be invited and called on to support the ongoing analysis.

Automatic compilation of a detailed report

At the push of a button, the analyst compiles a transparent and detailed report about the company – the report is ready to be passed on to decision makers.

List of required documents

In order to facilitate a penetrative due diligence process, a predefined list of necessary documents is passed on to the company. The encrypted list is then uploaded and administered in a data room.